Main Feature Points

Community Driven &
Solana Based Ecosystem

We trust the power of the Solana ecosystem and believe our community. We will start as a meme token and continue as a de-fi platform. Join Us and Stay Safe!

Solana Ecosystem

DEX Platform

Staking Platform

Airdrop to Holders

Deflationary Model


Staking Available Soon
Buy, Stake and Earn!

You can earn your $SAMU tokens by staking. Now buy $SAMU and deposit it into the staking pool. We will be glad to distribute ecosystem wallet to holders.

  • Buy Now! You can buy $SAMU from the DEX markets we have listed for now.
  • Stake! Deposit your $SAMU tokens into the staking pool. Check the button below.
  • Earn! Earn $SAMU for the $SAMU staking. Don't forget to visit the platform often!
Buy Now and Join Us 👌

How to buy Samusky Token?

Samusky Token is currently only listed on DEXs. We may soon be listed on the CEXs!

  • Create a Solana wallet (we recommend Phantom) and send the SOL to your Phantom wallet address.
  • Convert funds to (USDC) on a centralized exchange (Coinbase, Binance, FTX, Kraken, etc) or decentralized exchange (Raydium, Orca).
  • Send your USDC to your wallet address.
  • Now you can easily swap your $USDC for $SAMU. Please remember to leave a small amount of SOL for transaction fees.
  • Congratulations, you are now part of the Samusky Family!
  • Token Address: SAMUmmSvrE8yqtcG94oyP1Zu2P9t8PSRSV3vewsGtPM
    Market ID: 7PX2k66ecaUJHJweNbdCocR4kvPotvDn2FPu69svCsnu

Samusky Token

Samusky Token has been distributed as follows. You can also check token shares from sites like Solscan and Solana Explorer.

Samusky Token (SAMU)

Token Name

Total Supply (100%)

Ecosystem (30%)

Burn (30%)


Liquidity (15%)

Airdrop (10%)

Marketing & Dev (10%)


Team (5%)

* Ecosystem wallet contains staking rewards and tokens to be distributed to the community.